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Metadata Interface Program Software

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MIPS or Metadata Interface Program Software is the bridge built between the user and the central processing unit onboard the Nueralink controller. There are many proposed ideations for how this may work in the future, the most popular are. The thousands of neuron sensors feed into a chip implanted just above the top left of the temple. This chip then sends data about the brain activity through to a series of dashboards and interpreters. Animal tests have shown that certain patterns repeating lead to movement, cognition, or aspects that repeat and have a verifiable cause. The application interface comes into play when this data can be agglomerated down to a set of events given titles, each subject is different and the brain sections grow in the ways they were conditioned. The constantly firing events are thought of as triggers for additional functions to be attributed for acted upon by the programmable application interface or API. The functions can be crowdsourced or take on software updates from a cloud driver via bluetooth directly from the smartphone or desktop computer. Voice, eye movement, thought patterns, symmetrical twitches, and various macros can be implemented to feature the user's desired action. This program is here to guide visualizations, programmable architectures and user shortcuts to activate functions and have brain events activate those same set of functions. At no time, can the device send signals to activate the body and brain's activity.

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