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Healthy Masculinity: Increase Testosterone & Lead

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Are you tired of feeling stuck, unhappy, and unfulfilled? Do you want to break free from the negative thought patterns, unhealthy habits, and create a life you truly love? Then this program is for you, why? Because I was once the laggard on the sports team, the bench warmer for varsity, the fat guy on the swim team. Everyday we can choose to either stay on our current course or drive ourselves to make the change we want to be apart of. We as a people have to ask, transform, and train ourselves to take on the massive responsibilities God has in store for us. I am qualified to take you through this program as over the years, I have been on both spectrums for weight. I was also the weakling without enough protein, the skinny pothead who forgets to eat, the busy man running around everywhere eating Chipotle after every workout. Once you gain control over your confidence and stop caring what other people think about you, you give yourself permission to control your weight, your fat, your muscles, your bone density, your endurance, and of course your Testosterone. Once you express kindness with empathy and stop being fueled by anger and rage, you receive respect for the energy you put out, until these changes are fully engrained in your character; we will always default to anxiety, gluttony, depression, and self harm. Learn how to fight the good fight within yourself, be apart of something bigger than yourself and gain financial freedom to truly lead to better decisions.

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