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McKale Olson (Simbuilder) is the founder and CEO of Summit Studios Games LLC, a video game development company based on the Roblox platform.

Summit Studios Games created Vehicle Simulator in 2013. With the mission to create the best driving experience on Roblox. With over 500 million visits, a discord community of over 34,000 members and a strong content action plan, we continue to innovate and push the Roblox platform to its limits. In 2019, Vehicle Simulator partnered with Mattel Inc. to feature a custom Hot Wheels event for 3 months. The partnership generated a lot of buzz in the Developer community and increased the game's stats by a substantial margin. Boasting an enormous map, with over 70 unique vehicles, and an in-depth customization system, Vehicle Simulator has quickly placed itself as one of Roblox's most legendary games. With 4 members on board a talented team coordinated from online tools such as Discord and Trello. Summit Studios Games has a robust game design and team management strategy. Working with Developers in and outside of the community, Summit Studios Games aims to integrate stories and valuable experiences into it's future works.

McKale has given multiple talks at Roblox's annual Roblox Developer's Conference. Including the location of San Francisco and Amsterdam.

If you ask McKale what his passions are, he is obsessed with video games, music, education, fitness and nature.

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