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My Operating System

Strive. Resilience. Growth.

My philosophy is based on kindness, curiosity, self control, duality, selflessness, respect, and forgiveness.


By asking powerful question a path becomes more clear.

What would this ideal future look like? (IG Post)

What would be the same, new?

What would have to change on the individual, societal, and planetary level? (YouTube Playlists)

Do I understand how the aesthetic works now, do I have to? (Roblox Place)

What might take it's place, does it have to stop? (Theoretical Scientific Models)

What do I want to do on the breaks I can manage? (IG > Travel)

What is in the way of allowing myself to do the work? (Getting out of my own way)

What am I hiding, do I need to be secretive? (Publishing Method)

What can I present to people as a teacher? (Storytelling, Cycles)

What can I create? (Games, Sound, Communities, Art, Writing)

What can I commit to, can I come back to it? (Mind maps, Traction Orientated Growth)

How can I create enriched chapters in my life? (Enjoy the details)

How can I ease the transitions? (Mark it with travel events that make sense)

Who can I work with to make my life easier? (People)

Are the things I own helping me or holding me back? (Essential Starter Packs)

When should I reflect, renew and burst forward again? ()

Do I know where I am and where I'm going?

I am not a perfect person, I have many struggles I face daily. When I am wrong, although it hurts my ego, I like to be corrected. When I get knocked down, I get up again. I do what is good for myself and others. I do not believe intelligence is locked to a scale, but rather is based on habit and trajectory. I drop what doesn't serve me. I believe love is eternal and boundaries are important. I acknowledge my privileges and align myself to my obligations and responsibilities.

I distribute my time to balance family, work, and life. I am grateful for what I have and I do not take anything for granted. I am aware that one day I may die and I choose not live a life of regret and wishful thinking.


I believe in cooperation, doing, boldness, learning, friendship, consistency, training, agility, rest, and organization. I believe in freedom of religion, information, peaceful assembly and I do not force my will upon others unless an interjection is justified. I rarely give unsolicited advice unless the signal feels right.

In partnership, I know that two minds are better than one, and vulnerability and intimacy are the cornerstone of a strong individual. When I am single I do not blame others, and walk with confidence and candor on my own path. The life of an entrepreneur is mostly lonely, but that's not to say I can enjoy the company of friends.

I plot my consciousness on chaos and order and think in terms of elements and fundamental principles. My mind labels concepts that are dynamic in order to make sense of multiple abstractions. Negative connotations can taint and blind further details from these containers. I am open minded as to expand my awareness on my ignorance and I allow myself to change my mind but I am slow to do so unless I was foolish. I choose not to be arrogant, however I have strong stances on important viewpoints. I am aware all problems are mine but I can only do so much as an individual and will favor problems that incentive me.

It is my perception of identify politics to be mainly polarizing and unproductive. In which one side outcasts and will rarely listen to other sides with true intent to understand. I allow discussions with opposition and feel safe when my arguments are well thought out and not purely driven on emotion.


I am working towards having a positive impact but I am open to the idea that I could do just as much bad. I question authority, myself, and others. I read, write and meditate to fortify my mind. I can be hard on myself and sometimes push to far. I give appreciation to myself and others who share similar values. When lazy for too long, I prioritize and focus on gaining momentum. I do not need to remember everything even though I build memory maps and keep symbols for reminders.

When circumstances are difficult, I go through the motions and know my feelings are not always mine, my heart is large and emphatic. My reaction to my feelings is what I control. When circumstances are comfortable for too long I tend to fall for petty problems and lose my edge. I reflect to be noble, imitate to understand, and experience to embody. I do not always love the work I do but the resources it earns me, may lead to either greatness or compassion.

A healthy diet with no, to little sugar as well as a variety of exercises, contributes to my long term success, however I am indulgent and will rarely partake in extreme distractions in which case I compensate for. I do not get hung up on situations outside of my control.

I attempt to be a steward of justice, courage, temperance, and wisdom. I value beauty, excellence, but have the heart and leniency for shortcomings, mistakes, and understand that everyone is on their own journey.

When I use my phone and I encounter a reputable charity I take notice and plan on periods of intense giving. I do not write these off on my taxes because the that time is better spent working.

I would like to do everything myself but know that a team and support group is essential. Nothing is forever and I cherish the good memories, learn from the bad, and forgive myself for the worst. Karma guides my consequences. I will seek scientific truths and change my mind when I am wrong. I am not blinded by faith but have the faith to know things may be better than expected. 


By whitewashing these words to hell and back, I understand it is my responsibility to re-read and ask myself difficult questions and have difficult conversations to realign myself. Action will forever guide context. I am a product of my environment and society.

Philosophy Playlist

The video above is made by all inspiring Aubrey Marcus, someone whose made a positive impact in my life, and for doing so with such creativity and zeal his video kickstarts the playlist.

Using YouTube and their playlist creation feature, I've watched hours of content over the years while feeding my dog and doing laundry, It has lead to this a well rounded playlist that starts with a bang and goes deep into our collective minds in some story arc that covers a the basis of what philosophy is and why it's important.

Please check out the other playlists that exist on the Simbuilder channel, there's days and days of content and it's all free.

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